Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'd eat that if I were you

What? You want more doodles? Well then, if you insist.

(these two I'd like to turn into prints)

(these two I'd like to turn into real people, or maybe just the girl so I could stare at her for ages like a total perv because that creepy uncle feeling warms me cockles.)

Houses cast a long shadow

Or I hoped they would.

More Hama/Perler/ironing beads. I tried to emulate shadow and failed pretty miserably.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


"The contemporary art world is a confusing place, with misdirection, misinformation, smoke, mirrors, and characters spread across continents. It’s full of stars posing as failures, failures posing as stars, and unoriginal simpletons in artist hangouts wearing paint smeared blue jeans smoking camels."

These sentiments, when coupled with one of my lecturers telling me (after expressing his frustration at my lack of disclosure of the entirety of my artistic activities throughout the semester) that I can't hide my light under a bushel in the "art world" as it's filled with people wanting me to do just that in order to suppress my career or what-have-you, doesn't leave me feeling overly optimistic. Contrary to how this blog may make it appear I've never really been one for self promotion, so how am I supposed to function in the "art world" if I ever reach it?

Of course, I could always opt out of this strange culture dominated by people with thick-rimmed glasses, odd haircuts and penchants for crazy shit, but it seems to be the only forum for the sort of crtical discourse that I both enjoy and feel is somewhat necessary to creating valid, justified art. Where else are you going to find people willing to discuss the social rammifications of a can of feces? WHERE?

I think I may have lost my train of thought slightly, but in summary... I am nervous and confused.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Horns and beards and antlers, oh my!

Yet more screenprints from my print elective. The beardy forest men are around A4 each, and the rhino is around A3 in size.

One day I will learn to register layers properly. One day.

(Also the beardy men garnered me compliments from print kids and now I am struck with an artistic identity crisis - should I try to join them in printmedia where fun and games abound or stay in sculpture where delicious conceptualism runs rampant and frequently naked?)

The silkiest screens I ever did see

Dotscreened shirts on various surfaces as part of my printmedia elective this semester. Each shirt is 80x60cm approximately.

Perspex -


Metal - (closeup)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy me

The insidious Shrek franchise has formed an unholy union with McDonalds.
I went to one such eatery with the lovely Thom and together we modded a Happy Meal toy with our greasy, greasy fingers.

Those toys stretch like mofos.

Come up and see my etchings

Here are the results from the etching half of my print elective this semester. It was fun and terrifying.

Linework -

Aquatint -

Hand-coloured - Experiments and failures (my first plate design, bitumen fiddling, a la poupee) -

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hama karma

Perler beads, ironing beads - whatever you want to call them, these delicious little thermoplastic suckers were one of the great loves of my childhood when I knew them by the brandname "Hama Beads". Basically they're cylindrical plastic beads you put on a pegboard in pretty patterns before running an iron over them, making them melt and bond.

Imagine my joy when I stumbled across a copyright law-dodging incarnation whilst on an Ikea escapade with a friend. That night I made a rather shoddy ring, two brooches...

... and a bunch of other random crap.
Here's to second childhoods.

Freedom costs a buck-o-five and a whole lot of elbow grease

As a bit of a post-script to the last entry, here are some pictures of the cleanup of "Spread" - partially because the images look a whole lot like poo and I find that hilarious, partially because the process overshadowed the exhibition itself by far.

Four boxes of bicarb, a bottle of disinfectant, six cups of collected vegemite, five coats of paint and over twelve precious hours of my life later, I swear I can still see vague stains on the wall. Plus the gallery smells like v-mite and bleach now. Whoops.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Freedom costs a buck-o-five

Propaganda by yours truly

Weapons of mass construction

"The World vs. America" was an exhibition at our on-campus student gallery featuring works by Neal (on exchange from NY), Liam and myself (both Sydneysiders) that investigated the U.S.'s relationship with the rest of the world along with concepts of cultural identity and nationalism.


Consisting of "yarn", far too many nails and slip-cast vessels (one of which was unfortunately knocked over and squashed at the opening as they were not yet fired), Neal was initially going to have wooly, insidious tendrils of Americanism breaking free of the flag to Duchamp us, but instead settled on allowing them to throttle some objects.

Liam:Liam's wrist-breaking work was a series of handwritten placenames taken from both the Australian and American versions of "I've been everywhere, man". Though Australian place names occupied the left half and American the right, not one viewer recognised enough of either to identify this demarcation, ideas of geographical identity being reduced to nothing but glyphs on a wall.

"Spread" consisted of approximately three kilograms of Vegemite and Mightymite smeared across a 2x3m wall. The piece was as much the smell that filled the two rooms of the gallery as it was fecal aesthetics, many viewers responding to the former with repulsion. Patriotism had never been more delicious. [click for a crappy animation of its evolution]

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lecturers say the darndest things

Group critiques are a weekly affair that bring together students and lecturers in discussion of student art. Inevitably the lecturers will do a lot, if not most, of the talking, and sometimes through the great fog of intellectual back-and-forth golden rays of silliness shine...

"Don't regard this as being at uni, regard this as ART."

"... monumental vagina..."

"[momentarily turned away from very "abject" video] It's just that... [turns back] oh holy shit!"

"It's okay Luke, you have an honorary vagina."

"... variations on the theme of a drunk reverend."

"... they're disgusting, abject... I'm going to puke if I keep talking."

"[hands cupped around the top of a sculpture whose phallic nature has just been discussed to death] They're just so good to touch!"

"It's like it's academic; it's almost irrelevant."

Hear, hear.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The mashed up organs and cracked ribs of a papery body forced into a lightbulb. I have such a deep appreciation of people who make ships in bottles now.