Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lecturers say the darndest things

Group critiques are a weekly affair that bring together students and lecturers in discussion of student art. Inevitably the lecturers will do a lot, if not most, of the talking, and sometimes through the great fog of intellectual back-and-forth golden rays of silliness shine...

"Don't regard this as being at uni, regard this as ART."

"... monumental vagina..."

"[momentarily turned away from very "abject" video] It's just that... [turns back] oh holy shit!"

"It's okay Luke, you have an honorary vagina."

"... variations on the theme of a drunk reverend."

"... they're disgusting, abject... I'm going to puke if I keep talking."

"[hands cupped around the top of a sculpture whose phallic nature has just been discussed to death] They're just so good to touch!"

"It's like it's academic; it's almost irrelevant."

Hear, hear.

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