Wednesday, June 23, 2010


"The contemporary art world is a confusing place, with misdirection, misinformation, smoke, mirrors, and characters spread across continents. It’s full of stars posing as failures, failures posing as stars, and unoriginal simpletons in artist hangouts wearing paint smeared blue jeans smoking camels."

These sentiments, when coupled with one of my lecturers telling me (after expressing his frustration at my lack of disclosure of the entirety of my artistic activities throughout the semester) that I can't hide my light under a bushel in the "art world" as it's filled with people wanting me to do just that in order to suppress my career or what-have-you, doesn't leave me feeling overly optimistic. Contrary to how this blog may make it appear I've never really been one for self promotion, so how am I supposed to function in the "art world" if I ever reach it?

Of course, I could always opt out of this strange culture dominated by people with thick-rimmed glasses, odd haircuts and penchants for crazy shit, but it seems to be the only forum for the sort of crtical discourse that I both enjoy and feel is somewhat necessary to creating valid, justified art. Where else are you going to find people willing to discuss the social rammifications of a can of feces? WHERE?

I think I may have lost my train of thought slightly, but in summary... I am nervous and confused.

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