Thursday, June 3, 2010

Freedom costs a buck-o-five

Propaganda by yours truly

Weapons of mass construction

"The World vs. America" was an exhibition at our on-campus student gallery featuring works by Neal (on exchange from NY), Liam and myself (both Sydneysiders) that investigated the U.S.'s relationship with the rest of the world along with concepts of cultural identity and nationalism.


Consisting of "yarn", far too many nails and slip-cast vessels (one of which was unfortunately knocked over and squashed at the opening as they were not yet fired), Neal was initially going to have wooly, insidious tendrils of Americanism breaking free of the flag to Duchamp us, but instead settled on allowing them to throttle some objects.

Liam:Liam's wrist-breaking work was a series of handwritten placenames taken from both the Australian and American versions of "I've been everywhere, man". Though Australian place names occupied the left half and American the right, not one viewer recognised enough of either to identify this demarcation, ideas of geographical identity being reduced to nothing but glyphs on a wall.

"Spread" consisted of approximately three kilograms of Vegemite and Mightymite smeared across a 2x3m wall. The piece was as much the smell that filled the two rooms of the gallery as it was fecal aesthetics, many viewers responding to the former with repulsion. Patriotism had never been more delicious. [click for a crappy animation of its evolution]


  1. Thankyou. A complimentary slice of vegemite toast will be in your mailbox within 7-12 working days.