Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lost and Found: A true tale

Once upon a time there was a girl called Oscar who had not seen her friend Rui for quite some time.

One day she was in her university studio looking at the notice board when she heard a voice behind her.

"So Meg," said the voice (for 'Meg' was Oscar's other name), "I heard you were lost".

"Huh? I'm not lost. Crazy second year student to talk such nonsense!" thought Oscar, and turned back to the notice board where a poster was pinned.
Suddenly she stepped back in shock, for she realised this wasn't just any poster, it was a poster of her!

"I'M LOST" the poster proclaimed on the top in big letters, below which was a very unflattering photo, below which was more text which read "I like watching wrestling. My name is Meg but I like being called Oscar. I saw my owner 2 weeks ago at DedSp_ce. I miss her! CAN YOU PLEASE CALL HER AND HELP ME GET HOME. Contact Rotten Rui."

Oscar thought this was kind of cute and went to the cafe, where she found another poster.
Then to the ceramics studio where she found another.
Then to the bathroom where she found yet another!

It seemed like wherever she went she saw Rui's poster.
Now Oscar was kind of embarrassed.

"So, you're lost. And you like wrestling," said people to Oscar on two separate occasions, but with the same wry smile.

Now Oscar was really embarrassed.

"Is that now heavily defaced poster on the door your artwork?" asked someone else.

Now Oscar was quite annoyed.

So annoyed she made posters of her own and stuck them over Rui's ones.

"My name's Rotten Rui. I'm going to disappear soon. The circumstances will be suspicious. But it'll be passed off as manslaughter," they read.


That evening Oscar saw Rui at an exhibition opening.

"Hi!" said Rui.

"I'm going to kill you", said Oscar.

And she did.

The End.

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