Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh sleep, you are a fickle friend indeed

It's something to two in the morning and I am bored. Maybe a hideously dull autobiographical post'll spice up the evening, yeah!

I drew this earlier in the day in response to an exceedingly long-winded TV election ad from the Liberal party (there was speech from just about every member of the shadow cabinet, I swear). The federal election's next saturday and the pollies are panic-stricken, the pundits pedantic and the public punished with propaganda.

(As a slightly embarrassing side note this drawing is already online elsewhere. )

I'm actually quite nervous about the election. The propaganda campaign of the conservative Liberal Party, who I don't support, is so much more effective than that of other groups. At the most basic, they have concise, simple, visually engaging statements of smear on a dark background, unburdened by silly things like statistics and citations to support them, and at the most complex freakin' half hour comprehensive summaries of projected plans of action should they be elected, interspersed with flawlessly integrated moralistic/fear based imagery that is so effective at turning opinion. On top of this, their television advertisements appear more frequently and are carefully selected to coincide with their target markets' viewing habits, I'm sure (bullet point-style attack ads during the Simpsons, long-winded ads before the news on the ABC etc.)

That's not to say the opposing Labor Party/trade union groups/whatever aren't trying to be just as manipulative, it's just that, through clever design and maximum primetime exposure, the Libs are doing it so much better.

I've got my fingers crossed that those individuals residing in swinging seats have enough discretion to see through the bullshit (on both sides), and make up their own damn minds rather than taking all this rubbish being crammed down their throats at face value. I'm not holding my breath though; when it comes to elections people don't seem to have memory beyond the past month. Recent bribes sit more prominently in minds than histories of political performance, small picture deals win out over big.

Shit that was a lot of text.

Here, have some cookies. I just made them. (No, really.)

I decided to try out that cliche low aperture food photography thing.

Yeah, how'd you like that, blogosphere? Feel your knees begin to buckle under the photos-of-food-really-close-up-in-soft-lighting glut.

You like that, don't you?



  1. I agree that the conservative side of Australian politics has made much more of an impact with their propaganda campaign than the socialist side of the ledger. Lets hope it doesn't translate into a conservative win!

    P.S. nice bickies!

  2. Yeah, fingers crossed. I'll have to be making a whole lot more biscuits for comfort eating if the libs get their way.

  3. 1. Oh shit, I've just realised my food photography is cliched! I am mortified, but my excuse is I am a writer not a photographer. (Nice biscuits.)

    2. What are those words like Polyp and Pontoon down the side of your blog page?

  4. 1. I... I... I NEVER SAID ANYTHING LIKE THAT. (But for serious, things generally become cliche for a reason. I can't think of a tastier way to photograph food.)

    2. It's my cool sounding word collection. I was kind of stuck for a place to put it, so I figured I'd just stretch my blog page.

  5. When I see morphology, all I can think about is tooth morphology and that just makes me cry.