Thursday, September 2, 2010

Machine for living

A scale model (or is it?) of what might be my final project for 3rd year, or part of it at least.

What you see here are two tessellating non-functional living units (a single one illustrated poorly below), each with enough room and "amenities" for one person in a supine position. In the final image it is being critiqued by Senor Calarco.

While we're on the subject, there was a group crit of this peice yesterday (basically when the lecturers, second and third year students get together and critically discuss your work into the ground).

Run down -

The good:
- I've found a visual language (which is true, I feel quite happy working in this manner)
- It generated muchas discussion (the only true cause for worry in a crit is generally if no-one says anything)

The bad:
- What scale should I build it at? One large functional piece approx. 7.5x the size of this, or a multitude of these models? Either way, it's going to be costly.
- Where should the final work be situated? Inside? Outside? Puppy dog tails? (Oh elastics, I wish I was still sprightly enough to play with you.)
- Critiques of Modernist architecture have been done again and again and again, what sets this apart from all the others? What exactly does it concern itself with conceptually?
- Does it fall into any specific category, e.g. architecture, design, kids' cubby house? If it does, it will negate its purpose. (Scale factors into this issue quite heavily.) How is a happy medium to be found?

For now, I'm leaning towards a multitude of these small units in the hope that the massing will bring it closer to my initial interests of modular housing, high density living, allocations of space, psychological effects of space... sigh.

Mostly I'm just terrified of my work being pure design. Or too serious.


Still, at least I've got some idea, which is more than usual :D


  1. That garden is bigger than mine.

  2. The grass from these ones snap together, you should get some and build yourself a bigger one.

  3. oh. im quite into architecture of all forms and have been so for a very long time. and this looks very interesting to me! looking forward to see how you will develop it!

  4. (and you wrote on my blog something about not understand swedish (which is totally understandable) so i just want to share it with you. it's something like this: "no matter how many beautiful and amazing houses there is i'd rather be surrounded with good people than living in one of the beautiful and amazing houses by myself" and some other, not so interesting babble about circus tigers...)

  5. It's easy to see you're into architecture XD. I love how you make the forms so playful and unpretentious and beautiful.

    And you make a good point, but now you have me wondering what is to be said about circus tigers...