Saturday, September 4, 2010

Render like it's 1992

I downloaded Google Sketchup last night. It's a free 3D drawing program and, through some fiddling, I've managed to create some wonderful images that look like they've just stepped out of a cutting edge digital art book published in the early 90s. Haha!
I'm actually a bit of a sucker for this sort of cold, sterile digital landscape, or things in this style that are slightly better designed at least, and I'm not sure why.

On an unrelated note, I've subscribed to the Sesame Street Tumblr (they're on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter also, tech-savvy monsters that they are). There are regular updates, often including little clips of Cookie Monster's utterly random musings. It seems he's a bit of a thinker. (I can only hope that last link goes to where it's meant to. The page won't load for me.)

Not particularly thought provoking, but still my favourite Cookie quote so far:

"Me dreamed last night that me eat giant marshmallow cookie. When me woke up, me pillow was gone."

Oh Cookie Monster, do I know how that is.


  1. Aw that's so awesome that Cookie monster twitters! That quote made my day :D also ive got cookies on my mind, i just went to cold rock icecream and had CAKE BATTER flavoured icecream + cookie dough + mini M&Ms. Makes me happy, like your blog. x

  2. Naw, thankyou dear. And that icecream sounds INCREDIBLE. If my coffin was made of that I'd come back to life just so I could eat it.

  3. oh thank you so much for your comment!
    looks like a computer game from my childhood : )

  4. It looks like the nintendo games I still play >_>