Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ya face

Screenprinted t-shirt and a munted cushiony thing made from the test I did beforehand (ironically, a better print).

Tasty tasty.
On an unrelated but rather pleasant note, I have recently been reminded of the joys of a good piece of fiction. The last book I read was a disconcertingly nonchalant romp through piss play, necrophilia and other assorted loveliness, and now the quiet middle class angst of Gordon Comstock in Keep the Aspidistra Flying is like being served hash browns with maple syrup after three years of eating nothing but squid jerky.


You know what I mean.


  1. I saw a movie based on that book - with Richard E. Grant. Really liked it. Forgot name. Something about a War.

  2. Called A Merry War. (love Google)

  3. I was slightly concerned that you were talking abou the first book for a moment, but thank god, you weren't.


    Despite my dislike for Richard E. Grant I think I might seek it out. It's always interesting to see how your bookvisions are rewritten by films.