Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dog's breakfast

The Grad Show is about a week away now. Soon people will be floating away, I will be biting my nails over whether or not I've gotten into an Honours year and shit will be geting real*.

My major work, at the present, is a very expensive pile of wood. Lets hope I can get my act together before the opening as I don't particularly want to repeat third year.

In the meantime have some of this:

Also, I've been doing a lot of this lately:

Because of this:

Assignments that ask art students on the cusp of graduation to surmise their practice and plot possible future directions are not nice. In fact, they are recipes for existential angst that do nothing but highlight the divide between lucid posturing and personal insecurities.

For example, here are excerpts from the artist's statement I submitted:

"[Oscar] is a Sydney-based artist whose practice is dominated by failure; failure of theorised systems of perception and experience, Modernist idealism and quotidian technologies, and the absurd potentials of each.

Through a variety of mediums her works embody a sense of impermanence, referencing the flux of perception and objectivity in determining our experience of ‘reality’.

... [she] operates as an investigator of systems and relationships, pushing these ideas to parodic extremes and highlighting the shortcomings of our perception and understanding."

In real world speak, this roughly translates to 'herp derp i likes obnoxiously fiddling with stuff, making it look funny and setting it up to fall flat on its arse'.

While it is nice to read such prettiness as your own verbose wank and believe it, at the same time I fear rendering myself blind to the realities of my practice and becoming an arrogant mofo... while also fearing rejection in the real world for not appearing arrogant(/confident) enough.

What what what.

Also tomato and kimchi - you all should try it.

*References to shit getting real may variously be interpreted as 'increased responsibility', 'living on facebook' or 'getting drunk and falling over with greater frequency'

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