Thursday, December 29, 2011



 (This made me absurdly happy, partially because it now allows me to use both hands while I'm climbing the moderately shaky ladder to the roof, but mostly because it's one step closer to the treehouse I always dreamed of.)

Frenzied mastication

A food post - we haven't had one of these in a while. My documentation of edibles has become lazier, so a lot of meals over the past few months have gone un-photographed, which probably a good thing for you my dear one, possibly two, readers.




Couple o' bento

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011


The leaky, termite-ridden dream is over. We are in the process of relocating to a new home.

Our new nest is above a mechanic, behind two cage doors, two normal doors and a roller door.

We can see the CBD, Parramatta and a water tower from the roof and there is a bar at the end of the street that offers jelly wrestling every Tuesday.

I am going to miss Rozelle. So much of my life is as it is because of that house.

First time out of home.

First time living with a partner.

First arrest.

First home-made pork buns.

What a year it's been.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tis the season

Around this time of year you'll often find Sydney Buses driving around the city festooned with lights, packed with tinsel, groaning under the weight of plastic baubles all in an effort to promote Christmas cheer. I had always stared in wonder at these great festive beasts as they passed me by, thanking various deities that I had never had the occasion to ride in one.

Well yesterday my time finally came. Waiting at the bus stop a merriment mobile pulled up and, being tired and vulnerable, I was compelled to get on. It was intense. Every window was covered with drawings by local schoolkids interspersed with red and green spraypaint blotches, and from the roof hung cellophane lanterns, smiling Santas, candy canes and glittery paddle pop stick arrangements that all but obscured the emergency equipment sharing the space. Some twirly X-mas coloured thing with a reindeer on top would hit me in the head every time the bus cornered too sharply.

As my eyes slowly adjusted, to my amazement I found myself smiling uncontrollably. Under flashing lights, between poorly drawn gingerbread men, commuters sat stoically dismal; defiant in the face of excessive ornamentation. This one-sided battle between man and environment was nothing short of beautiful, the decorations' combined struggle rendered absurd by the commuters' defences, falling like water upon a duck's back. (Where the duck was made of metal and heated to a point that the water would evaporate before even making contact.)

It was a truly a triumph of the human spirit - spirits so crushed and compacted that they were as hard and resilient as diamond.

Ho ho ho.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Refund the pun

A few versions of a poster I put together (under great duress) for a roving alleyway freeparty being held next weekend. 

"Reclaim the Shame" was taken from "Reclaim The Lanes", that laneway party festival mentioned in a post a couple of months ago. It's a bit late, but have some pictures of it anyway.

It was fun, and hopefully next weekend will be too, though there's going to be a lot more cop-dodging.

At least there won't be a huge wagon to negotiate around the backstreets this time. Just a ute. With its own engine, meaning it doesn't have to be pushed. Thank god.

Thursday, December 1, 2011





But then...!

Kind of broke even there, I think.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


The number of posts on this blog.


And to celebrate I present my return to jewellery making: a jointed perspex pendant.

I'd like to do more of this stuff. I bought myself a new sawframe from this totally boss jewellery maker supply store and everything. It smells so good in there. There is everything you could possibly dream of for polishing, cutting, soldering, watchmaking and more. It is expensive but it is love.

Who needs to buy groceries when there are tools to be bought?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

End times

Remember this entry?

Well the thing at the bottom turned into this in Kellyville, the vanguard of Sydney's urban sprawl.

Moving House: my major work for honours.

Goodbye, university. I will miss your well-furnished workshop and value-for-money dumpsters.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


The mad, last minute rush is here.

I can't believe how close I came to forgetting how amazing it is to make an object that challenges you. That isn't a slightly refigured version of something you've done a thousand ways before.

All it took was the terror of the end of year deadline breathing down my neck.

It's so disturbingly close to all being over now.

Goodbye education system.

Goodbye student public transport concessions.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Five days until my thesis is due

And it's only now I realise I should have been reading Foucalt instead of Deleuze.

Honestly, if Deleuze wasn't already dead I'd definitely be heading to France with a selection of very sharp knives right now.

I can't wait to sleep like a normal person again. Or sleep at all.

Um. Have some choc fudge cupcakes?

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Sometime in 2004 I forsook the written word*. Why didn’t I stick to my guns?

Surely the good staff of Sydney College of the Arts wouldn’t force me to write a thesis if I had a strong enough ideological opposition. 

*I can't remember the exact circumstances, but it's a fair bet that it was sometime during the early hours of the morning to a backdrop of nu-metal.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Tossed and found

Kriesler stereo; a new addition to our living room. It's a beauty. It even smells good. Kind of like old newspaper. 

It makes me want to cook devilled eggs and herrings in aspic and prawn cocktails and spam with lima beans and eat them all off patterned earthenware plates with day-glo-handled cutlery.

It'll be even better when we figure out how all the bits work.


Yeah, these photos are basically porn.

Edible adventures after the cut!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Which dinosaur slept all day?

The dino-snore! (Courtesy of whatever site this is I just found on google.)

I went to the museum with my dad the other day. It's the first time I'd been in ages and it was AWESOME.

Got me some souvenirs also.

Then made a quick and dodgy animation on an unconscious sapien with them.

A love story for the ages! Or the cretaceous at least.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Eine kleine nachtmusik

Couldn't sleep.

Blurry photos from the top of the leakiest lil' house in Rozelle.