Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Yeah, beer and cricket? Good shit."

It was Australia's birthday yesterday.
And by that I mean the day upon which we celebrate the arrival of several boatloads of ill-fortuned Brits to generally non-arabale, poorly charted and already inhabited shores.

In celebration (of the fact I was going to a concert), I made a dress. It was meant to have the whole Australian flag on it, but I felt like enough of a twat with the small amount you see here so it's more of a pommy outfit than anything.
As usual, it was sewn without a pattern (as I find them incomprehensible) a few hours before leaving the house, which makes me both happy and sad as I know I'll never be able to make anything I can wear more than once.

+ some stickerastyastytasty, because you love it. You love it all up inside you.

Monday, January 24, 2011

This is my rifle, this is my gun

The fuckwitbumlowlife and his housemates found an attic in their new abode. Under the stamp albums, porn, fireworks and model railway parts were some (more) particularly tantalising insights into the life of the previous owner.

Along with gun part catalogues there were the following developed negatives and business card.

These really made me go "woah", as firearms hold a particular mystique for me. Some of my earliest memories of news reports involve discussion of the Port Arthur Massacre and the ensuing furor that heralded the introduction of stricter gun laws, positing all such things as almost taboo in my mind.

Plus I find it kind of amusing that those photos are right next to holiday snaps and pictures of what I presume to be the guy's granddaughter.

There was also a thick folder full of court documentation. This guy had gotten himself into trouble in the range of $8000.

Background to the whole ordeal

Court rulings - Community service order - Community service instruction

Legal fees - Payment invoices - Call-up for non-payment

It's interesting to see that the last letter's addressed to a residence in Faulconbridge - could it be that he and his ex-wife finally paid off their mortgage and he was now living there? If so, did that mean he didn't end up going to TAFE? Or was he just without any other postal address?

Either way, interesting and somewhat upsetting stuff. I wish I knew what happened to the guy.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I hate you too.

Goddamn you, animation. I lovingly draw your frames, rule you up a nice template, carefully install lighting and a camera on a cantankerous tripod, tiptoe around the setup for 256 post-it note rearrangements and then what do you do? You go and screw me over.

Ooh no you don't. Don't even think of trying any of that 'human error' crap on me.

How could you do this to me? You've broken my heart.

Die, die forever.

'After Weiwei'

Monday, January 10, 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011


In which the blog is furnished with slides found whilst urbexing with the same fuckwitbumlowlife of a previous post.

Their home was an abandoned nursing school, in a carousel labelled "EMT Training".

I've broken them down into vague categories and added descriptions where they were provided.










02 - Malignant cecum
05 - Small bowel topography
06 - Appendix vermiformis
08 - Venous drain of small and large intestine
09 - Malignant tumours; pancreas
10 - Healing of gastric ulcer
12 - Benign tumor; small bowel
14 - Functions of pancreas
15 - Familial polyposis
16 - Peptic ulcer
17 - Pancreas
18 - Acute abdomen [unreadable]
19 - Colon functions
21 - Malignancies; small bowel
22 - Disturbances of hunger and appetite
23 - Haemorrhoids
24 - Salivary gland inflammation
25 - Carcinoma of stomach
26 - Stomach extend
27 - Food poisoning
28 - Stages of hepatic encephalopathy
30 - Intussusception ileo-cecal
31 - Femoral hernia

Specimens ---->





02 - Rectal papilloma
03 - Moniliasis[?] oesophagus
04 - Tuberculosis bowel ulceration
05 - Ball of hair from stomach of girl
06 - Typhoid enteritis
07 - Cerebral infarction[?]; int. carotid artery occlusion
08 - Cirrhosis closeup
09 - Aortic aneurysm thrombus
10 - Bowel adhesions
13 - Myocardial infarction
14 - Gallstones

After the cut there is some very intense, graphic content which should be viewed with extreme caution, if at all, if you take issue with that kind of thing.