Sunday, January 2, 2011

Year of the Dog

A fauna-filled start to the new decade with some fuckwitbumlowlife.

Mouse, 31.12.2010 ------->

Found huddling unresponsively in the middle of a carpark, possibly full of poison. We watered and fed him, but the little guy was still shaky on his feet and intermittently collapsing by the end.

Pigs, NYE ------->

Instigators of bad puns and party exoduses.

Dog 1.1.2011 ------->

A furry, un-tagged surprise found on aforementioned fuckwitbumlowlife's doorstep when we arrived new year's morning. She was shaking like a leaf and had to be carried inside.
Many hours later we'd gained enough of her trust for her to happily eat, drink, be petted and have a length of rope tied to her collar for a walk.
Out the door she led us straight to her house and a very grateful family, leaving me feeling simultaneously like a champ and the grieving mother of a kidnapped child.

What an odd start to the year.

Happy 2011, kids.

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