Sunday, April 10, 2011


Back in blog.

It's time to end an absence brought about by a noxious mix of honours stress, employment and laziness.

The view from work. Ain't half bad.

Very little has actually been done artwise considering the amount of time this little receptacle of whine has been neglected, but here it is anyway.

I put a couple of pieces into a group show at SCA's student gallery. One was an installation - a painted schematic corresponding with an architectural feature of the ceiling directly above it.

The other was this goddamn thing again.

I also made a recipe book for a certain someone's birthday (dodgily screenprinted front and back cover, inside covers and inside below):

And turned some terrible magazines into some equally terrible (if not, terrible-er) collages one rainy day.
A day so rainy that I stepped out of my bedroom door to find the house flooded. Curse you, autumn!

Hopefully this updating business will become a semi-regular affair again. It gives the illusion that my procrasination is worthwhile.

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