Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Please sir...

... can I have some more?

The last week and a bit's cooking, in photos.

Choc-Mint Biscuits

Let's-Throw-Lots-Of-Things-Together-Before-Work Salad

Sausage Rolls

Same Shit Different Day Curry Puffs

Breakfast Ochazuke

 Disaster Surprise (the surprise being, of course, that the title is very, very accurate)

Polenta-Crusted Stuffed Mushrooms and Jacket Potatoes

Potato Tarte Tatin (the second picture is to show the layers of balsamic syrup, potato, caramelised onion and pastry, and to make me wish there was still some left.)

And again, this time with a roast corn salad that tasted a lot better than it looked.

A collaborative breakfast with stuffed mushrooms, grilled tomato and baby spinach, made by my favourite fuckwit and I.

Also pictures of just my fuckwit's handywork. Because I like them. 

There's a lot of food here. And not a lot of art. 

Oh well. 

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