Sunday, August 21, 2011

Touchy felty

Toys! Getting back into the whole sewing thing. The second one's pretty old school as far as my creatures go - he's a gift for someone who would appreciate that style more, I hope. 

Also out of some late-night procrastination came my first ever bento box with a tomato/cucumber/yoghurt/cumin salad, chilli con carne, carrot sticks, rice and polenta. I have to thank this beautiful blog for the inspiration. Maybe when I have more patience and more time I'll be able to create boxes as amazingly complex.

More food after the break, as all the recent edibles have been getting quite onerous... 

Almost-off Pumpkin Pasta

 Chocolate Brownie Biscuits


Thankyou, housemates, for the wonderful birthday gifts that facilitated this phallic feast!

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