Friday, September 16, 2011

Tossed and found

Kriesler stereo; a new addition to our living room. It's a beauty. It even smells good. Kind of like old newspaper. 

It makes me want to cook devilled eggs and herrings in aspic and prawn cocktails and spam with lima beans and eat them all off patterned earthenware plates with day-glo-handled cutlery.

It'll be even better when we figure out how all the bits work.


Yeah, these photos are basically porn.

Edible adventures after the cut!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Which dinosaur slept all day?

The dino-snore! (Courtesy of whatever site this is I just found on google.)

I went to the museum with my dad the other day. It's the first time I'd been in ages and it was AWESOME.

Got me some souvenirs also.

Then made a quick and dodgy animation on an unconscious sapien with them.

A love story for the ages! Or the cretaceous at least.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Eine kleine nachtmusik

Couldn't sleep.

Blurry photos from the top of the leakiest lil' house in Rozelle.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Food and song

Got to know choux pastry a little better the other day. That's the stuff that turns into eclairs and profiteroles, or so I'm told.  

These little rounds are really cute even before they're cut.

And even unusually tasty with Australia's favourite "concentrated yeast extract", vegemite. Then again, I'll eat just about anything.
I think this is one of my new favourite things to bake, mostly as the ingredients are few and cheap.

Also the Rusty Spring Syncopators struck again last night, this time in a railway tunnel in Newtown. It was buzzin' with ragtime jazz, dancing, drunkenness and an unusual concentration of hippies until the cops got in on the party. Maybe they thought they were busting up a bootlegging ring.

Some dodgily recorded Syncopator sound here, if you're interested.

I'm buggered. So is my honours year.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

A post a day

Keeps the readers away.

(Okay, I realise that it has been somewhat over a day since my last post but the rhyme seemed apt enough.)

I am bored and in possession of an internet connection. There are no more interesting headlines on the Sydney Morning Herald website, and facebook is full of people I want to avoid. Ergo excessive posting!

But what the hell have I been doing that I can blog about? Uh...

I just finished this poster!

Pretty damn cheesy, and somewhat familiar. Still, I should have had it done weeks ago. As usual.

Also I made this zucchini and walnut bread!

I messed with the recipe a little (substituting wholemeal flour for plain, applesauce for oil) in some sort of attempt to make it healthier, though I'm not quite sure what that really achieves when I end up eating slice after slice.

I'm sunning myself in the carpark of my fuckwit's artspace right now, watching my friend pulling handfuls of rubbish out of the back of the car she owes the government $2000 over and can't legally drive, and listening to two other friends discuss how they're going to build an elaborate cowboy wagon big enough to hold a whole soundsystem plus DJ for Reclaim the Lanes. I get the feeling this is rapidly escalating (or slowly spiralling) into a dick measuring contest, but it should be fun if everyone can keep it together.

Last Reclaim we were pirates, and were followed by a parade of drunks, munters and cops all night. It was pretty. I also had a very involved discussion with a bald homeless man who used to do ballet, though he refused to pirouette for me.

I have my doubts, homeless man. I have my doubts.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

All sorts

The usual tableaux of food, felt and farting around follows.

Lil' snowglobe with cubic constructions

Lil' dick (a gift, of course)


Shelving set made out of an empty wine box. 

My desk is so unchaotic now!

Edibles after the cut...