Thursday, September 1, 2011

All sorts

The usual tableaux of food, felt and farting around follows.

Lil' snowglobe with cubic constructions

Lil' dick (a gift, of course)


Shelving set made out of an empty wine box. 

My desk is so unchaotic now!

Edibles after the cut...

 Jam rolls of failure (if anyone asks it's a cake)

Peanut butter and choc chip cookies

'Nother bento with carrot, zucchini and salami kebabs, spinach stuff, leftover meatloaf + tomato, a strawberry and some rice.

Pretty boring fare, but this tupperware is fantastic. Three layers of stackability and $2.50 from a discount Japanese store. Well organised noms will be had!

 Microwaved chips with smoked paprika. 

Every time I make a readily available snack food with my own hands, like pork buns, it feels as if I am slowly unpicking the secrets of the universe. Nirvana will be reached when I am too wide to fit through the kitchen door.

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