Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's 5:30am on a Sunday

And I am unhappily awake. Why? Because despite my best efforts to manipulate the Australian clime/douse myself in insect repellant I'm hot, sticky and covered in mosquito bites.

I gave up on sleep half an hour ago after waking up every 90mins or so needing to reapply repellant that I'd inevitably sweat off soon after.

Those mosquitoes are bastards. If there is one single inch of you un-repellant-ed they'll find it. My lower bum region has a few from where my shorts rode up in my sleep, there's one on my shoulder from where my singlet strap moved, and one on the palm of my hand, amongst others.

Our window has no insect screen, but it's too damn hot to keep it shut.

I've improvised some flyscreen using a torn up 'delicates bag'. Inelegant, but hopefully it'll work. If not then I'm afraid this is the last you'll ever hear of me because I'll be either dead or in jail.

It was nice knowing you(?)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Vintage Vittles II

Like Dr Frankenstein or the makers of Scary Movie 2-5, I'm endeavouring in my quest to keep things alive that should really have been laid to rest years ago.

Feburary's vintage noms consist of the sequel to last vintage food post's aspic. Made for a friend's farewell, it features stuffed olives, spring onion, boiled egg and layers of pepper, shaved chicken and shredded lettuce. Mmm.

Main course is Spam n Beans, the recipe taken from a 1944 National Geographic magazine.

In an attempt not to waste food I tried to eat some afterwards and was violently ill. I pity the poor boys on the front who had to eat this tinned torture, but even more those pacific nations left with it as the legacy of US wartime occupation.
Spam and other "tinned luncheon meats" in Micronesia. Source.

It just aint' right.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

That time of the month

... for an obligatory food post!

Feast your eyes on my monthly excretions.

This round of bentos heavily features tea eggs. Though I suppose anything could 'feature heavily' when there are only three things in a category. Do the words I type even make sense anymore?

Next is more tea egg goodness, displaying a fine black ring of overcooked shame, atop noodles, lamb and carrot in some sort of spiced broth heavy with ennui and longing.

 This is carrot and cumin soup. It doesn't know why it's here and I don't either.

Here is a caramel croissant pudding made with this recipe. The result: tasty, but existentially unsatisfying.

 Savoury cornbread, you say? 'Why was I born only to be consumed', it says.

Savoury pancake stack topped with grilled tomatoes and accompanied by chicken, apple and candied walnut salad. A vain mockery of friendship at the edge of death.

Also lemon meringue cupcakes.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fly me to the moon

Some sketches for an application I made to Time Machine, a festival of durational art (appropriately enough), coming up in July.

My proposed work is a mock advertising campaign by a fictional property developer selling project homes in space, which will culminate in a literal "launch" of the product where models of the homes will be propelled into the air using hobby rockets.

This is all in an attempt to contrast and compare the motivations of private interests driving urban sprawl in Sydney and the idealism and paranoia behind the design of self-contained space colonies of the 1970s in particular, when space habitation was being seriously considered by many as a solution to issues of population and territory*.
And of course to satisfy my terrestrial/outer space urbanism fetishism and my want to blow things up.

Fingers crossed that I get in, but even if I don't I'm fairly sure I'm still going to try and blow things up. For art.

*It still is, but on a smaller scale and without the same government support. The whole humans-in-space prerogative now relies on private investment, which raises the interesting question of how space will be administered when territorial lines inevitably begin to be drawn.

+ Some interesting related stuff: 

Bigelow Aerospace - A commercial company involved in the research and development of space stations. - "Earth's oldest, most recognised celestial real estate agency"
Awesome 1970s space colony art from NASA

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Art =/= Life

In this case at least.
I went to 'life drawing' last Monday. Hosted at the Arthouse Hotel, you pay $4 to gain access to nude models for two hours, or as the venue itself puts it:
 Two genetically blessed live models are at your service and how you interpret their rock hard abs, Rubensque curves or flowing tresses is totally up to you.
Yep, we're all artistically legit here.

My subject was a woman called Kate who was lovely, and to whom I feel I've done quite a disservice. 

It's a weekly event so hopefully I'll have more opportunities to get some much needed practice.


The house has been warmed. Now I'm going to stay in my room all day and pretend none of this exists. Right here next to this broken glass, behind where, up until last night, we had a bedroom door.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Swedish for value

The world of Ikea never ceases to leave me in awe. The enormity of its heavily systematised operation and its vision, rendered seemingly idealistic by the intended scope of its application, seem far removed from what it seeks to shape: the home life of the individual.
It provides thousands of blank canvases, each available in a range of colours, onto which people may project their lives. In the showroom, each reductive design is presented in a carefully orchestrated, diagrammatic dollhouse, amongst which spectral families operate, evidenced by the “our 35m2 house”-s and “my kitchen”-s that hang above each scene.

The pretended familiarity of Ikea’s approach throws into contrast the consequent sterility of its mass produced design. Becoming almost repugnant, it is paradoxically this same contrast that makes it so infinitely fixating for me.  

To what extent does Ikea try to mask its identity as a transnational corporation seeking to, as all good companies should, increase its profit? To what extent does its cost cutting, relied upon so heavily as a point of marketing, make this status evident to its customers? 

Either way, in terms of mass producibility, ease of assembly and cost effectiveness, the furniture designs are, on the whole, ingenious - almost as much as the business model is fascinating.

It will be interesting to see how its design principles/business strategy fare on an even larger scale. 


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Whining is a sometimes food

Occasional creeping feelings, in illustrated form to sweeten the deal.

Further sweetener: the stuffed ungulate in question.

Money is good, work is bad. 
Time to start mugging people.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

In space, no one can hear you abuse photoshop

Remember those character designs for a friend's game I posted ages ago?

Well, finally, here are the first of the coloured ones. Finished sometime after midnight last night as is my wont.

This fellow is a levitating, stabbing psychic alien monk. Psychic because he has rainbow triangles coming out of his head.

Speaking of rainbows, out of the frustration that came with colouring the next character I somehow initiated a dangerous affair with the gradient tool which I don't feel will end any time soon. 

Because kitschy, dated looking sci-fi-ish CG is, like, so hot right now. (Probably because it tries to so hard to look cool. AND SUCCEEDS.)

Oh my god rainbows.