Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fly me to the moon

Some sketches for an application I made to Time Machine, a festival of durational art (appropriately enough), coming up in July.

My proposed work is a mock advertising campaign by a fictional property developer selling project homes in space, which will culminate in a literal "launch" of the product where models of the homes will be propelled into the air using hobby rockets.

This is all in an attempt to contrast and compare the motivations of private interests driving urban sprawl in Sydney and the idealism and paranoia behind the design of self-contained space colonies of the 1970s in particular, when space habitation was being seriously considered by many as a solution to issues of population and territory*.
And of course to satisfy my terrestrial/outer space urbanism fetishism and my want to blow things up.

Fingers crossed that I get in, but even if I don't I'm fairly sure I'm still going to try and blow things up. For art.

*It still is, but on a smaller scale and without the same government support. The whole humans-in-space prerogative now relies on private investment, which raises the interesting question of how space will be administered when territorial lines inevitably begin to be drawn.

+ Some interesting related stuff: 

Bigelow Aerospace - A commercial company involved in the research and development of space stations. 
LunarLand.com - "Earth's oldest, most recognised celestial real estate agency"
Awesome 1970s space colony art from NASA

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