Friday, February 24, 2012

Vintage Vittles II

Like Dr Frankenstein or the makers of Scary Movie 2-5, I'm endeavouring in my quest to keep things alive that should really have been laid to rest years ago.

Feburary's vintage noms consist of the sequel to last vintage food post's aspic. Made for a friend's farewell, it features stuffed olives, spring onion, boiled egg and layers of pepper, shaved chicken and shredded lettuce. Mmm.

Main course is Spam n Beans, the recipe taken from a 1944 National Geographic magazine.

In an attempt not to waste food I tried to eat some afterwards and was violently ill. I pity the poor boys on the front who had to eat this tinned torture, but even more those pacific nations left with it as the legacy of US wartime occupation.
Spam and other "tinned luncheon meats" in Micronesia. Source.

It just aint' right.

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