Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Natalversary!

It's my fuckwit's birthday tomorrow.

I made him a sparkly, sparkly card featuring a mad eshayz lad, a species common on Sydney streets broadly identifiable by their striped polos, Nike Air Max/TNs, tagging, bum bags and gabbering.

Also this voucher from a bunch of us for an indoor shooting escapade, complete with felt toggle. The background's from a gun catalogue full of awesome technical diagrams found in the roof of our old house.

Going by these carefully thought out gifts it may seem like my fuckwit's a bit of a nutter. But he's actually not. That said, as I type this he's talking in his sleep while doing what appears to be some sort of zombie-inspired aerobic routine in bed next to me. Hmm.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

To market, to market

Just returned from some more markets. Exchanging time and effort for cash is a little bit addictive, I have to say.

Much to the detriment of my sleeping pattern I made a couple of new things for this stall last night.

These brooches (the second last is my favourite - HAPPY KIDNEYS FOREVER!):

 And this little fella, who was exchanged for a boss lasercut acrylic necklace from Rah Collective.
I'd like to make more of him because he is SUPER SQUISHY and could potentially be used as a stand-in bowling pin in times of need. You know, like during bowling emergencies. Like when we all live in a post apocalyptic dystopia where all the world's bowling alleys have perished in the fires of nuclear explosions but one, which is controlled by an iron-fisted alien dictator who is impervious to all human weapons and can only be destroyed at the hands of a hero, pure of heart and courageous of spirit, in a bowling competition.

Aww yeah.

Also on the way home my housemate found a whole case of beer, with only one broken bottle, in a dumpster. It made him happy. A bit too happy, really.
Ah, markets. Even if they make me dumb with exhaustion and run ragged by distraction it seems like, occasionally, slapping your bits on a table and getting self conscious is the best thing you can do. Lets hope I can stay on track.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Freakin' weekend

Man, what a hectic few days it’s been. The markets were quite quiet. A few people bought things from me, but most coming through were more interested in second hand clothes than anything. Still, the ego boost I received, even from those I couldn’t extract caaaash money from, was definitely worth it.

Speaking of, here are the other things I ended up selling. Or tried to sell.  

Some handmade bags with buttons I moulded out of fimo: 

And, the most fun of all, these little brooches that are basically doodling in textile form. 

After the markets I headed down to catch the last of Reclaim the Lanes. That is, all the bits after the actual lanes – the party in the park and the afterparty. It was an awesome time replete with cuddles, mild brain damage and lovely people everywhere. A fantastic weekend.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Cleaning out my closet

I spent much of today clearing a room beneath my parents' house of my mountains of rubbish.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Goin' Minoan

Recent days have been filled with too much sewing and not enough blogging. Oh internet, my one true love, how could I neglect you like this?

Anyway, yeah. Content. I'm doing my first ever stall at a market this weekend, and so far have only finished a few things for it.

These munted minotaurs (with nipples!):

And these cushions I actually made ages ago but only got around to stuffing now (front and back shown).

Hopefully I'll have more stuff before this saturday.

I'm actually quite nervous about the whole thing. The lumpy fruits of my labour, on display for all to see. Eeep.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dribs and drabs

But hopefully not drab dribblings or a dripping of dabblings.

Here are, finally, a couple more finished character designs for my friend's video game mentioned here.

The very English Admiral Delilah

The very space demon possessed Captain Backus

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