Thursday, March 22, 2012

To market, to market

Just returned from some more markets. Exchanging time and effort for cash is a little bit addictive, I have to say.

Much to the detriment of my sleeping pattern I made a couple of new things for this stall last night.

These brooches (the second last is my favourite - HAPPY KIDNEYS FOREVER!):

 And this little fella, who was exchanged for a boss lasercut acrylic necklace from Rah Collective.
I'd like to make more of him because he is SUPER SQUISHY and could potentially be used as a stand-in bowling pin in times of need. You know, like during bowling emergencies. Like when we all live in a post apocalyptic dystopia where all the world's bowling alleys have perished in the fires of nuclear explosions but one, which is controlled by an iron-fisted alien dictator who is impervious to all human weapons and can only be destroyed at the hands of a hero, pure of heart and courageous of spirit, in a bowling competition.

Aww yeah.

Also on the way home my housemate found a whole case of beer, with only one broken bottle, in a dumpster. It made him happy. A bit too happy, really.
Ah, markets. Even if they make me dumb with exhaustion and run ragged by distraction it seems like, occasionally, slapping your bits on a table and getting self conscious is the best thing you can do. Lets hope I can stay on track.

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