Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Too much gluin', not enough chewin'

What's this? A food post?

A food post of disappointment due to recent lack of culinary output owing to textile entanglement in the name of capital?

Damnit, Oscar. This isn't the first time this has happened.

I suppose we might as well see what you have, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

A salmon and egg tart. Very original. And I'm not sure that hollandaise sauce should be that consistency. Estimated all the measurements, you say? You should know better than that.
 This crepe-wrapped stuffed pear with orangey figs looks interesting, but seems to be lacking a certain... something. The whole "taste" thing, maybe? You got the inspiration from where? A low fat cookbook? Ah. Moving on.
Even if I was a shepherd I wouldn't touch this with a ten foot crook.
 You know, I was quite excited when you said you'd be making steamed bread. It was a recipe requiring a lot of patience, which I felt was unusual for you. Unfortunately, despite your efforts the result was as dry and yeasty as... well, that analogy's best left for elsewhere.
However, I must say that the quinoa, walnut, brown rice, barley, carrot and parsley patties you made to go in it were quite tasty, if a little bulky.  
 Spiced filo fingers. So very 2011. The home made hummus and dukkah, potato and beetroot side dish were little compensation.
 Oh, so you think you're clever do you? Clever like warm apple pie?

Please see me after class.

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