Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Water and colour? They're two of my favourite things!

After a little bit of creative paralysis I've decided to take a "do what feels best" approach to making things for a while. Discipline, in whatever form, can wait.
 As a result I seem to be drifting into drawing/painting territory, which has most recently assisted in the birth of these two watercolour doodle-type thingies.
From the wormhole down the street
this cosmic ghost brood finds it neat
to drain your brainmeats for a treat!
(I actually imagined that they feed on their victims' ideas about theoretical physics, but it was too difficult to fit into a three line rhyme.)

Bummed out at work, telling FB
then on my wall I do see
this insurmountable majesty:
The clouds did part, then joy unbounded!
As soon as the music sounded
Remembering my childhood crush (ungrounded)

The painting is a big fat thankyou for she who posted it on my wall. I saw this 1994(?) production of the Pirates of Penzance when I was about 5. Obsession with pirates immediately followed, along with a fixation with the Pirate King played by Jon English of a fervor which was, if not actually then equivalent to, a huge crush. (Can five year olds even get get crushes?) Anyway, just look at those pants.

This combined with Maid Marian and Her Merry Men spawned a hell of a lot of popsicle stick swords during my youth.

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