Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dubious dining

Food, you say?

Here are last month's munchables, described in the poorly metered manner of an irritating riddle master you'd meet on a quest. Onward, adventurers!

Sweet potato and leek pie, with parmesan and breadcrumb crust
'Cause when your mate brings excess spuds home their disposal is a must
 Now come scones with jam and cream, made for my mum's delectation
As I feel that now I'm all standing 'twixt her and starvation
 A recurring theme: edible dicks, with red velvet cake interior
Though cream filled, compared to others they were quite inferior
 Mashed spuds, caramelised onion, stuffed shrooms, lemon-thyme steak,
with cream cheese-filled chicken on the side: guaranteed stomach ache
 A bento box - though colourful, a consummate disaster
All rice was once in seaweed wraps, but only one did last(er)
 Apple and thyme stuffed pork, roasted spuds, grilled veggies a plenty,
Next time 'round I'll try roast blackbirds one and twenty
 Blazed yums cooked late one night with lemon and rosemary, 
Despite its hasty origins: the most delicious thing in memory!
Hazelnut and honey cups of cake for a friend's birthday
I left some out on our counter top and ants whisked them away. 

True story. 

Now, dear reader, with bonds broken, 
Your reading debt repaid, 
May I convey apologies
For your time spent waylaid.

Yes, you may now wander, 
Quietly affording me due scorn,
While going forth to masturbate
to hours of fetish porn.

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