Friday, June 15, 2012

Got you by the ghoulies

Spent the evening fiddling with this cardboard diorama overlaid with perspex...

... to create the illusion of a wandering ghost...

... which was then hastily animated and special effect-ed to hell on Adobe After Effects.

This is all by way of some sort of "preparation" for a very exciting collaborative animation project I'm about to embark on with my friend.

Sure, she lives interstate.
Sure, all we've really done so far basically amounts to throwing so many potential sources of inspiration at eachother that our brains are threatening to capsize under the weight.
Sure, my use of "about to" above should probably be considered deliberately misleading at best.

But, goddamnit, this is going to happen at some point and when it does it's going to be awesome. I am stupidly excited.

Good day to you sir.


  1. oh, that's a wonderful start.
    i expect big things, kid.

  2. I hope for big things. It's basically the same.