Saturday, June 23, 2012

Just visiting

There have been a few brief forays back into sewing land recently. Two for a very slowly progressing project with my friend, wherein I sew his characters and he draws my toys.

And one as the return of these fellas, under quite adorable circumstances.
 The other day I received an SMS from my mum: 
"... could you please make a minotaur for Liam [a family friend's 7yo nephew]? He's quite keen on [the family friend]'s one and I'd like him to have his own. He is having a hard time at school and thinks the minotaur will give him power."
I'm not normally one for kids but that made me go 'naw' something fierce. (That said, it may have been helped by Liam having endeared himself to me earlier through his in depth knowledge of WWE wrestlers.)

Also, just for visual feastery's sake, here is a photo of the CNC router the guy who runs my studio made himself in action. 

He's so cool.

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