Thursday, June 7, 2012

More partial success!

Here are the aforementioned edibles and containers set up at the cinema. I'm happy to report that all but one of the cake pops sold.
While we're on the subject of food, let's look back at the gastronomic events of the past month.

May began with my housemate buying a huge box of sweet potatoes on a whim. Thus came many sweet potato experiments, such as these very flat buns with cheese, Spanish onion, seeds and parsley...
...Which looked a hell of a lot better on the inside than they did out the outside.
 And this herby sweet potato tarte tartin
  - a side dish for steak with buttery, vinegary onion sauce, accompanied by a roast capsicum salad.
Next came pizza cupcakes which weren't really cupcakes at all, but cheesy muffins decorated in the pizza style.
They looked a whole lot cuter on the site I found the recipe on.
A spate of Japanese-inspired food followed, with an attempt at tempura eggplant (pictured with sesame mayonnaise) that resulted in a lot of leftover batter.
Shitloads of gyoza, accompanied by nori-filled egg rolls in the case of the top one:
This shitake-filled vegetable broth over rice:
 And this donburi-type thing with a bunch of stuff, but primarily marinated tofu, saucy chinese broccoli and egg.
The month finally ended with this rather depressing shepherd's pie variant, made in the absence of a working stove and many ingredients, and but also presence of more than a few day-after-the-party pains. The potatoes were done on a sandwich press.

Never again.

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