Saturday, June 16, 2012

'Round we go

The karmic balance is righted again. With news of awesome collaborations ahead, now I find that I'm about to lose a housemate who has been with me since I first flew the nest.

I am scared of being without the only other girl I know who laughs so heartily at fart jokes and is so open to sweat talk. And worried about who might replace her here.

I'm trying to be happy for her. She's leaving us for a boss warehouse space with boss people; an opportunity like that doesn't come up too often to say the least.
But it's really difficult. I realise being sick and low on sleep is probably exacerbating how I'm feeling right now, but the whole thing is making me really, really sad.

So now I'm staying up, sulking and colouring in some doodles from the past few days (except for the first one, technically). They're mostly to do with being lonely and cold.

This is of me when I arrived all sick and delirious to an empty house this evening. 
 This one's about being cold and needing  a body to burrow into. For the warmth.
This one's just about being cold.
Winter helps like a poke in the eye. With a drill. 
Sorry folks. 

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