Friday, July 6, 2012

More fun and games

The videogame project my friend is doing continues, and I'm still slowly finishing stuff for it.

For the first time I've made some elements to appear in actual, playable bits of the game rather than cut scenes, which was fun because it forced me to work on a tiny, tiny scale. Pixels are cool.

These are all for the first game, in which the alcohol-lovin' Captain Anonymous must navigate his way through a treacherous maze in order to find his whiskey. 

There are bullets -

Keys -
Things that give you health and ammo -
A power generator -
That shoots bolts of electricity -
And, of course, the hallowed bottle of whiskey -
There is also Computer, who only lives in cut scenes. She is utterly devoted to the Captain, having had modifications specifically for his enjoyment (ice maker, liquor dispensers, serving tray you dirty bastards), as well as a range of facial expressions.
Apparently this project is now set to debut at the Sydney Fringe Festival, which is nerve-wracking to say the least. However the motivational power of fear cannot be underestimated. GOGOGO!

Other You Don't Know About Space (THE GAME) stuff: 

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