Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On the prowl

A couple of fellas that I'd really like to turn into a comic at some stage.
Two rowdy teen wolfmen from the 'burbs.

 And some dodgy sketches for auxillary characters. 

I suppose this comic is doomed to become another thing for the backburner, simmering gently over the coals as the perpetual tide of laziness wears away at my enthusiasm, until it is little more than a pebble of frustration to be skipped across the vast ocean of disappointment.

(It must be noted that the ocean of disappointment is a quite separate body to that which gives rise to the tide of laziness, with each being comprised of liquid disappointment and liquid laziness respectively - two vastly divergent compounds whose differences arise from their unique beginnings. Disappointment is atmospheric in origin, falling as small drops from clouds comprised of failure vapour in the stratosphere and solidifying further in the thick expectation layer near earth's surface. The laziness, however, tends to seep up from underground aquifers, driven by fear movements between tectonic plates.^)

^ A. Twatface. "The Metasphere", Convoluted Geographical Analogies For Late Night Posts p 41. Awkward Thoughts Publishing, 1988.

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