Friday, July 13, 2012


My fuckwit is back in town, filling me with embarrassing feelings and gifting me with these awesome socks as part of a birthday present. I've never been happier to have turd on my feet.

Now, seeing as I haven't done a food post for a while, and because the events mentioned above have distracted me from any other creative output, EDIBLES!
Lazy, stuck-for-ideas dinner of stuffed mushrooms and inaccurate fried rice
Caramel popcorn icecream cones to sell at my fuckwit's microcinema... thing
Apple and cinnamon pastries with bonus mouth
Tandoori chicken, sweet potato and chickpea curry with tomato and onion relish
Rice pudding owing to large amounts of leftover rice from the 'Indian' meal above
Potato and leek soup
Stuck-for-ideas pumpkin pasta
Cake pops (again, for sale at fuckwit's microcinema), with bloody skull

Lebanese spread with beef kofta, tzatziki, garlic sauce, fennel salad and tabouleh, with some other dips I didn't make.

I don't know why I post food. It's some of the more pointless stuff I make, out of a necessity to nom. Whatever.

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