Monday, August 13, 2012

I thought we could be friends, then I realised I hated you.

I am seriously, seriously bad at this not-breaking-up-a-series-of-posts-with-unrelated-stuff thing.

Anyway, these guys popped into my head as I was drifting off the other night. They probably should have remained thoughts, for something went terribly wrong somewhere between brainspace and paper.

Was it electromagnetic interference?
A wobble of the earth upon its axis?

Or maybe it was me just expecting them to turn out like something of Jack Teagle's when I've only got the skill of a whack beagle.

I kind of want to keep working with them, but I'm not sure. Either way, colours aren't my friend.

Also, don't judge me whoever-you-are-reading-this, but I've been considering getting a tumblr. For the express purpose of linking it to my facebook, so people can see my stuff. The reasoning? Little more than 'all my friends are doing it'.
I like seeing what they're doing, and I'd like them to see what I do.
This blog's a bit of a black hole. I rarely tell anyone about it, because there's some fairly embarrassing stuff on here, so I figure I'll try and keep my tumblr as image-based as possible so it doesn't descend into ranting as this so often does. I'll try and make it what my flickr was supposed to be, except not having to stop at 200 images because of the limitations of the free account (which is pretty ridiculous/I'm a fucking tightarse).

But, dearest blog, that doesn't mean I'll forget about you. I'll always need somewhere to ramble - right here, in your strong, warm arms.

Hug me, blog.

Hug me.


  1. I fucking love your blog. And I'm hugging you from QLD right now :)

  2. I also just realised that one of your words is "mandible". I'm pretty impressed, reading that made me happy :)

  3. Wow, you have very long arms.

    And I love YOU.