Sunday, August 5, 2012

South of the Border 2012 [Artz]

Stickers - small, portable and requiring few materials, they're the ideal activity for holiday downtimes. As such, during my trip Melbourne got Oscar'd (just gently), sometimes okay, sometimes not so well.

Try and guess the order in which they were drawn! (Hint: There is a proportional relationship between sticker quality and fatigue.) All were between about 5cm and 15cm in size and done with paint marker on contact.
In situ:
Ponderous navel gazing after the break.

Sometimes I really do wonder why I sticker^ (yes, it's now a verb). Back in the day I was under the illusion that I was attempting to intervene in people's every day experiences; providing them with entertainment in an otherwise dull urban landscape*. However, my views have now been hardened by a growing realisation of people's generally dispassionate interactions with the built environment, coupled with a level of changed self awareness, perhaps borne of coming to know some graffiti artists since I first began.

These days I feel my motivations are far less noble. That it's all about ego, about territory. All about knowing that people will see something you've made, and that by putting it where you have, you've laid claim to a little portion of public space as your own.
Anything approaching wit or the propensity to be amusing that were in my stickers before has been replaced with pure 'style'. And my name.

The moral of this story?
Hanging around with writers is bad.

^Once in a blue moon
*I actually utterly disagree with that. Urban landscapes are, if not beautiful, fixating.

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