Saturday, September 29, 2012

Just call me Oscar Twojobs

... that sounds a lot more euphemistic than I was intending.

Anyway, I've just acquired myself a second job. In a scramble to cover potential moving costs, I am now more employed than I ever thought I would be. Ever. Because I'm a lazy butt.

I am also unprecedentedly time poor.

On the upside, my new place of employ is really close to my studio, and my shifts generally end in the early afternoon, which gives me time to go there and work.

On the downside the start of said shifts require me to leave the house at 6:00am, making some of what should be studio work time nap time, and what should be a painfree back a world of ouch, owing to the makeshift cushion bed I'm using for studio naps.

Another downside is that this new job is behind the counter of a cafe, and I'm shit with people. Good thing the owner is wonderful and forgiving when I stuff up orders. For now at least.

Early days.

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