Sunday, September 16, 2012

This seems pretty... HANDY

Not to POINT ANY FINGERS, but it seems like my GRIP on marker usage here has far from NAILED it.
Uh. Sorry about that.

Anyway, here's an A5 thingy that began as a doodle, turned into something more and then was terribly scanned for your viewing delectation.

I have to say, I'm feeling a bit lost now that the game project's on an indefinite break. There's all this stuff I was dying to do while I had deadlines for animated aliens to meet, but now that I'm at liberty to do it, I'm so apprehensive at doing something new it's difficult to get going.

What a familiar tune. Boo.

On the upside, my fuckwit and I will be moving out of our sharehouse, into a place of just our own soon! How crazy and real life sounding. I've taken up an extra day of work to help get together enough funds for bond, furniture etc., so that's a bit of a bummer (okay, a real fuckin' big bummer), but I'm mostly just really, really excited.

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