Sunday, October 28, 2012


I'm sorry I've been so neglectful recently, blog. There's been too much working and too much house hunting-related stuff for me to be as attentive as I should.

But now I'm back, with some good news. My fuckwit and I have found an apartment! It's actually a nice one, too. It's big and light, and the stove even works! Soon we'll be all set up, and I can stop working six days a week and get back to actually making things.

Though, to be honest with you, this lack-of-making hasn't really been that bad so far. I've been so tired that my main concerns have revolved around sleeping, eating and making the house presentable enough to find new replacements for us here over the past few weeks. I know that once I'm well rested enough to think properly again there will probably be some sort of disastrous artistic crisis, full of regret and navel gazing at my inactivity, but at least when it does all happen you'll be here for me, dear blog, to absorb all my whining, my self flagellation and my existential questioning.

You're a lucky blog, aren't you?

Good blog.

Have a biscuit.

Also, behold, the only thing I've finished in the last couple of weeks.
It's a picture of my mate.
Because he's a sound technician.
And I care about him and shit.
(And he sent me a picture of a dragon fucking a car.)

This is just embarrassing.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Doodle your noodle

Or this guy's noodle at least.

This guy doesn't have a noodle at all. 

And this guy did have a noodle, but I'm not sure what was going on inside it when he started talking to me at the bus stop. 

In other news, it was over 30 degrees today - our first proper taste of summer, god help us all. I spent it at work being kept good and cozy by a dishwasher and a coffee machine, going between the angry Greek mother of the main barista who was telling me to "listen to no-one but the shop", her 80 year old husband, the sole cook, who was telling me to not listen to his wife and buy him some chips with money from the till, and the deadpan Canadian barista, who was telling me just to smile and nod in response to both of them.

The place is a madhouse. A different and preferable  kind of madhouse to my office job, but a madhouse nonetheless.

Hopefully when my fuckwit and I find a place of our own all this painful madhouse double teaming will be worth it. Nap time.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Untitled prologue

Running distraction from anaglyphic animation for a moment, the fine, furry fellows from here make a return (or one of them does at least) in this, the first page of a comic I plan to build on. Eventually.

I say this every time, but goddamn do I hate digital colouring.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

One step forward, two steps back

I feel like I've used this title before. Oh well.

Life has been a tad exhausting lately, with artmaking mostly being relegated to before and after work. As such any progress is slow, and slow progress is generally not good for the morale.

However, if one good thing has come from all this (besides having a lil' more scrilla and being employed in a place that I don't actually hate), it's that I've, in a roundabout way, been coerced into being more focused. Considering my average focusing abilities that isn't really saying that much, but I am now trying to make the most of whatever free time I have (present blogging excepted). Which means working on the stuff I give the most shits about.

Which, in a rather convoluted and verbose way, leads to the following - the trial and terror of anaglyphic experimentation I've decided to subject myself to. 

Y'see my specialpersonthatIlivewith runs this little cinema, and mistakenly ordered a shitload of those red and blue 3D glasses for some films he wants to screen later in the year.
So I thought, "hey, cool, maybe I could do some 3D shorts to show before the feature. It'll help me get some practice with animation. Plus it's bit gimmicky. I fucking love gimmicks. It should be quick and easy, over in no time. Right?"


First experimentation with anaglyphic shiz:

Hey, it works. Awesome! I have so many ideas now. 
And so...

Round 2 didn't work so well, and I have no idea why. Let's cover it up with something that moves.
 Then made this thing to shoot, set it up all nicely.
Making measurements, trying to be a little bit exact. I want this to go well!
But then...
Why isn't this lining up properly? 
How do I background? So many of my ideas hinged on separate backgrounds being used... oh god my brain.
It was then I realised that I hadn't been lining up the two cameras I was using to shoot simultaneously properly. And that each camera was so bulky I wouldn't be able to do that without building a rig of some kind. And that anaglyphic images are a lot less forgiving to work with than I was expecting. And that photoshop is a horrible, horrible bastard.

So I took a break and fiddled with a skull for a bit.

The shooting angles are still all fucked, but learning curves. And things.

This is not how I was envisioning spending my day off, swearing at a computer and drinking copious amounts of tea.

Oh, who am I kidding?