Sunday, October 28, 2012


I'm sorry I've been so neglectful recently, blog. There's been too much working and too much house hunting-related stuff for me to be as attentive as I should.

But now I'm back, with some good news. My fuckwit and I have found an apartment! It's actually a nice one, too. It's big and light, and the stove even works! Soon we'll be all set up, and I can stop working six days a week and get back to actually making things.

Though, to be honest with you, this lack-of-making hasn't really been that bad so far. I've been so tired that my main concerns have revolved around sleeping, eating and making the house presentable enough to find new replacements for us here over the past few weeks. I know that once I'm well rested enough to think properly again there will probably be some sort of disastrous artistic crisis, full of regret and navel gazing at my inactivity, but at least when it does all happen you'll be here for me, dear blog, to absorb all my whining, my self flagellation and my existential questioning.

You're a lucky blog, aren't you?

Good blog.

Have a biscuit.

Also, behold, the only thing I've finished in the last couple of weeks.
It's a picture of my mate.
Because he's a sound technician.
And I care about him and shit.
(And he sent me a picture of a dragon fucking a car.)

This is just embarrassing.

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