Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fun things to do with a razor #673

Thankyou, Toobs, for having the balls/stupidity to let me take a razor to your scalp when I'd never done anything like it before. 

Also I made this flyer. Which is only really here for posterity's sake. 

I've been doing quite a few bits and pieces lately, mostly for friends. As much as it can perturb me to be conscripted in such a way, being forced to make stuff is actually helping me out a lot. I've gotten to do paste ups, welding, fake stickers for a giant boombox... all reminders that I'm not as useless as I feel sometimes. Also I tend to get a lot of free beer while I'm doing it, which doesn't hurt at all. God I'm a leech. A happy, happy leech. Let's ride this wave of happy all the way to a fulfilling autonomous project, shall we? 

3... 2... 1...

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